The Pug Connection

The Pug’s motto: multum in parvo, a lot of dog in a small space.

“What do pugs and art supplies have to do with each other? In addition to her passion for all things art, Pugs are a passion for the owner Donna. She is kept by two of her own Vivian, Stewie, and the late Great Rupert. Both Stewie and the late Rupert came from rescues dedicated to helping pugs in need.

The Pug is thought to have originated in ancient China, dating back to 4000 B.C. where it served as a loyal companion to royalty. It eventually travelled to Holland, Europe then arriving in America shortly after the Civil War.

The word “Pug” was born in the sixteenth century as a term of endearment applied to people but seldom to animals.

Some of the famous people who have owned pugs are Josephine Bonaparte (wife of the Emperor Napoleon) Marie Antoinette , Woody Harrelson, Ted Danson, Andy Warhol, Jenna Elfman, Tommy Hilfiger, Billy Joel, George Clooney, Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke, Goran Visnjic, Valentino, and Jackie Kennedy.

Pugs are considered Companion Dogs; they are happy go lucky dogs with a clown like personality.

Whether it’s a pug, poodle or lab please do your research first before deciding to bring a dog into your life, remember they will be a part of your family and your responsibility for a long time.

To find a list of reputable pug breeders in your area go to

Rescue is a great way to go, my pug, the late Rupert, came from the Green Mountain pug rescue.

To find a list of rescues in your area go to

There is not a day that goes by that one of my pugs does not make me smile.

“My little dog – a heartbeat at my feet” Edith Wharton

There is a wealth of information on this fun breed on the web.

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